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Turban Kebab House

In December 2009 Turban Kebab opened its first restaurant in Medellin. Turban Kebab is the only restaurant in Colombia to produce and sell the Kebab using the 100% original recipe from Germany.


Given the rapid development of the Kebab in other countries, our aspiration is to establish Turban Kebab in a short time as a primary brand of fast food in Colombia.


Turban specializes in the number one fast food of Germany, the middle eastern inspired kebab. Kebab literally means meat rotating. They are sliced lamb or chicken marinated and roasted on a vertical spit.


The kebab is usually served in round, flat piece of bread characteristic of balkan cuisine and the near east called a pita. It is accompanied by salad, bread or french fries.


All the dishes are inexpensive and you can choose among many varieties, greek or french kebab, with vegetarian options as well as salads, tabbouleh, hummus and pita bread, among others.



  • Barrio: El Poblado
  • Zona: Calle 10
  • Domicilio: Yes
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