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Triada is one of the most renowned restaurants in the zona rosa of Parque Lleras in El El Poblado.


It is a restaurant which enjoys special recognition in the city of Medellin because of its relaxed atmosphere and above all its exquisite gastronomy that encompasses the different flavors of the world, especially Peruvian food.


You can choose between spicy cuisine, seafood, grills, and pasta.


It is a point of reference in the city known not only for its relaxed atmosphere, but also because its charter provides a real culinary journey for all tastes, and one in particular, peruvian food.


The layout of the restaurant allows the kitchen to be located facing the diners. It also has a wide bar, soft lighting and wood furniture to complete the mood. There are early bird discounts and discounts for special dates.



  • Barrio: El Poblado
  • Zona: Parque Lleras
Tags: | Category: Restaurants

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