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Todo Fresa Bakery

Todo Fresa is dedicated to the production, distribution and sale of handmade pastries, baked goods, biscuits, coffee and some other delicacies. We were born in Medellin, in the Manila suburb in 1983, in a small shop selling a few products, mostly strawberry.


From this came the name Todo Fresa which means All Strawberry. Here we live the dream of serving with pleasure quality delicacies prepared daily for you.


We currently have 8 restaurants. Three of them located in the Parque Comercial El Tesoro (a retail outlet at each level), Oviedo Mall, Santa Fe Mall, shopping center Los Molinos, Palms Business Park Avenue, Manila District’s Calle de la buena mesa (point of manufacture).


We started to bake very early every day of the year, ensuring freshness and quality of our products.


Then we proceed with the distribution of all products to our stores where we finally have the pleasure to serve you all that this chain of work every day has prepared for you.


“I work with love and care” is our motto. Because we know that everything tastes better with love.


Rest assured, everything you consume from Todo Fresa is 100% natural, no preservatives.


More Info

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  • Todo Fresa Bakery

    Santa Fe

    Address: Carrera 43A 7sur - 170 - Santa Fe Mall
    Phone: 313-3052
    Barrio: El Poblado
    Zona: Santa Fe

  • Todo Fresa Bakery

    El Tesoro

    Address: Carrera 25A 1A sur - 45 - El Tesoro Mall
    Phone: 321-1323
    Barrio: El Poblado
    Zona: El Tesoro

  • Todo Fresa Bakery


    Address: Calle de la Buena Mesa
    Phone: 268-1801
    Barrio: El Poblado
    Zona: Manila

  • Todo Fresa Bakery

    Los Molinos

    Address: Calle 30A 82A - 26 - Los Molinos Mall
    Phone: 444-4662
    Barrio: Belen
    Zona: Los Molinos

  • Todo Fresa Bakery

    Palms Avenue

    Address: Calle 18 35 - 69 - Palms Avenue Mall
    Phone: 312-1030
    Barrio: El Poblado
    Zona: Palms Avenue

  • Todo Fresa Bakery


    Address: Carrera 43A 6 sur - 15 - Oviedo Mall
    Phone: 314-0586
    Barrio: El Poblado
    Zona: Oviedo

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