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Articles About ‘Crossover’

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Dulce Jesus Mio

To say that Dulce Jesus Mio is an unusual club would be a major understatement. The entire space is set up to resemble a traditional Colombian town, and the workers greet you at the door by welcoming you in to their village.   Here you will find all the traditional characters from a town in […]

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Mia VIP Room

One of the most striking features of the Mia VIP Room is its light show, which consists of LED technology and a mechanism that makes them change the colors of the lights every 30 seconds.   This feature attracts customers that come to this place every night in search of a party in a healthy, […]



Palmitas is one of the places that has managed to maintain the party in Medellin. Located in Las Palmas, it has become an entertainment complex little by little. Here you will find a disco with shows. And that is precisely what makes it special. There is something to suit everyone.   There are several different […]

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B Lounge

The B, as it is usually called in the city, began with the concept of being a lounge. Over time it was transformed into one of the most important and exclusive discotheques in the Zona Rosa area of El Poblado.   It is a small, groovy bar that attracts a relatively young crowd. Feather boas […]

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At Trilogia Live Bar, a revolving stage assures its customers that everyone will be able to be near and see the band.   The band is in the center of the bar. The environment has comfortable tables and chairs, and several bars that server the drinks.   In addition to good services, Trilogia is a […]


Bendito Seas

The party at Bendito Seas is always happening and we give our all. Every Thursday night is ladies night.   Enjoy our open bar for a 20,000 peso flat rate. The first 30 women are free, plus enjoy guest artists, shows, surprises, and the best reggaeton, crossover, and trop pop.   Thursday: Bendito Seas (crossover, […]


Crista Club

Crista is a club that integrates sophistication and glamour to offer a renewed experience in the city of Medellin. Medellin has been transformed into a more cosmopolitan and sophisticated city, competing with the main cities of Latin America and the world.   However the evening entertainment in the city remains low and monothematic. Out of […]

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Sinko Bar

From Sinko bar you can see that Medellin is a beautiful city . On a balcony of Rio Sur mall in front of Oviedo shopping center, you can enjoy entertainment and fun as the backdrop of a beautiful landscape of the city.   This place exudes originality. The ceiling of its terrace is lined with […]

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La Bolsa

La Bolsa Bar is a new concept of meeting and entertainment for executives in Colombia.   Located in the Rio Sur mall, this innovative place gives you a breath of fresh air in that it has a theme of a financial bar.   It is a place that gives its visitors a unique experience of […]

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Amarna Club

Amarna Club is a new concept for partying in Medellin that combines good modern and crossover music with spectacular decorations based on an Egyptian theme and good service.   Located in Barrio Colombia, nights at Amarna are special. Its unique design is based on Egyptian tombs and Egyptian ruins.