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Royal Thai

Royal Thai was born from the union of two partners, one Colombian and the other Thai. After traveling around the world, getting to know the flavors of different cultures, and exploring the impact of the traditional food of one country in another, they realized that in Colombia there was not a restaurant where you could get true Thai cuisine.


We say true, because some have the name but not the essence of Thai flavor.


Royal Thai opened in Medellin in early 2009. We have been rated as one of the best restaurants in the city by Colombia Gourmet magazine. We are committed to our customers, to quality, to good service, and above all to giving our customers what they want. That means that we want our guests to enjoy our cuisine according to their own taste.


Royal Thai welcomes you and invites you to enjoy Thai cuisine at its best. We are located in one of the most exclusive locations in the city of Medellin, in a space that complements our culture and allows to live with your friends, family, or partner a truly unforgettable moment not only for the palate but for your lives. We are the only place in Medellin that is authentic Thai.


The art of Thai cooking places emphasis on the harmonious blending of various ingredients, particularly as the individual ingredients can vary by freshness. Without harmony the taste and the dish fall short. Herbs and spices are an essential part of the Thai cuisine.


Used in combination, they help achieve a balance of the five elements of taste in Thai food: sweet, salty, sour, spicy/hot and bitter/aromatic. Unique to Thailand is the harmonious play of each of these five flavors together in a meal. When you define authentic Thai food it is the Thai taste that matters and not the individual ingredients.


Our goal is to show each customer and in particular the country of Colombia, what authentic Thai food is. We work with products imported directly from Thailand, something that gives more authenticity to our kitchen. We want to be recognized as the best restaurant not only in Medellin, but in Colombia.



  • Barrio: El Poblado
  • Zona: Parque Lleras
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