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Restaurante Amelia

Amelia is a Fondue and Crepe restaurant located in Medellin’s Poblado neighborhood.


In a traditional Poblabo house, covered with a roof of thatch is, every day, the delicious taste of Swiss cuisine in the midst of a peaceful environment where privacy is respected at each table. With capacity for 42 people, is a place where the most important is to provide a special kitchen and a special service.


Many people believe that to enjoy and have fun with a fondue, just buy cheese in the market and prepare a pot, cheese or chocolate. But this delicious dish, which represents the wonderful flavor of Swiss gastronomy, requires more experience and knowledge.


Amelia is a living example of love for cooking, and specially Fondues and crepes. They are an experts in preparation. It’s pure creativity becomes artistic blends of ingredients, magic that delights the palate. Amelia’s visitors have a choice of different types of fondue and crepes for lunch or dinner. The restaurant offers seven different sauces for mixing with various ingredients, that they fry or heat.


The fondues, meats and cheeses a are delicious, and the environment has been described as intimate, cool, and romantic. Steve, the owner, and his brothers will guide you with selections if you’re unsure what to try. While the Fondues are the attraction, they also have a selection of soups and salads.


The Mixed Fondue (el fondue mixto) is one of the most recommended dishes in the house. Chunks of chicken and beef on skewers together, making this alternative at times romantic, unique and unforgettable. Amelia is an alternative to learn, enjoy and love.


  • Barrio: El Poblado
  • Zona: Calle 10
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