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Prizma Discoteca is located on a side street in Barrio Colombia. While that makes it a bit more difficult to find it also means it’s more of a locals club. It plays reggaeton music only.


Prizma was born from the combination of lights, styles, colors, that are always in a variety of colors and pleasing to the eye. It is a large space and gets very busy much of the time.


The green lighting contrasts with the black and purple in the form of laser, neon and LED lighting, ranging from the comfortable armchairs to a palm tree drawn with a series of crystals that is located in the center of the property and gives it an attractive, innovative and tropical touch.


The various parts of the club are individually themed. The VIP area is comfortable, spacious and has many luxurious touches. In the center of the disco there are small tables for couples and small groups of people, who come to have a few good drinks and to enjoy the best music of the urban genre.


A big plus of this colorful club is the beautiful waitresses, who provide great service as they attend to the customers needs.



  • Barrio: Barrio Colombia
  • Zona: Barrio Colombia
  • Music Type: Reggaetton
  • Open: F, S
  • Dancing: Yes

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