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Piadinas Piadas & Fondues

Piadinas is a restaurant based on the food of Italy. Their source of inspiration are the piadas.


What are piadas?


They are a little package wrapped in Arabic bread sauteed with pesto, basil and olive oil and stuffed with different foods.


It was originally sold in the streets of Italy. The restaurant also offers crepes, sandwiches and wraps.


The employees fell in love with the product and recommended it to the delight of their customers, knowing that if you try it once you become a piadas fan.


Piadinas also has bar service. They will recommend a wine as the best companion for the food that is prepared there.


For this reason, the menu offers a wide variety of wines, special for any occasion.


The light wooden furniture and the vines hanging from the ceiling and winding around the columns, make this place a modern space in which the prevailing concept is one of nature and subtlety.


Piadinas looks like a garden. Its wood, vines, handmade lamps and the use of colors in the decor grabs the attention of passersby and onlookers. Yet at the same time it is very Medellin.


Piadinas is ideal for sharing the different flavors that fill the palates of their guests with joy. The restaurant even offers different fondues, either as a main dish or as an appetizer.


This is an option to eat and taste, which eventually turns into the perfect excuse to relax, socialize, talked and just enjoy yourself.


It’s a place that invites you to enter. A red or white wine for an afternoon with friends, or a Cabernet Sauvignon to accompany the evening, complement the picture.


Piadas recommended:
Smoked Salmon
Cured Ham
Sweet and Sour Pork
Smoked trout.


The best desserts are the chocolate volcano and the caramel mousse.



  • Barrio: El Poblado
  • Zona: La Strada Mall
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