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Palmitas Restaurante Bar

Palmitas has been an institution in Medellin for around 45 years. It’s a restaurant, a bar, and a club. And while the place may not be able to compete with the hottest dance clubs in town, or the very best restaurants in Medellin, or even the best showplace it certainly does a pretty good job at each for a place that has all of those things. For a place that offers, decent food, a good club, great views, and all around fun, it’s a winner.


The restaurant features white flowing fabric everywhere and LED lighting. It’s supposed to look like you’re on a really luxurious modern boat. I don’t think it does that, but it does look pretty cool.


The restaurant and bar are actually separated by a parking lot, so it’s not like they’re totally integrated. The restaurant is just the restaurant. But they do have a live singer and dancers who come through and entertain the guests. The food it can be said is really over rated. It’s not that great. But for a place to go right before going into the club, it’s perfect, or for a place to sit an enjoy drinks, with great views, it’s definitely worth a visit. But it’s the club that most people think of when they talk about Palmitas. It’s a fun place. Not the hottest spot in town, or the trendiest, but a well liked place for a good time in Medellin.


  • Barrio: El Poblado
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