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Nino e Pastino

Nino e Pastino offers a different way to enjoy Italian food in Medellin. They hand make pasta and specialize in fresh ingredients. The restaurant is located in Oviedo Mall.


Nino is a southern Italian spaghetti dish, intensely flavored, with fresh ingredients like tomatoes, herbs and olives.


Pastino is also a spaghetti, but from the north. It differs from the first consisting of cheese, cream and mushrooms.


Both pastas come to Medellin to form the restaurant Nino e Pastino, which promises an experience based on the knowledge and enjoyment of Italian food.


The Panini sandwiches are fundamental to this place. Potatoes are served accompanied by Della Nonna, homemade potato chips that are made in the restaurant.


Also, salads, pastas and meats are part of the range of options that the customer has when he decides to go to lunch or dinner.


The sauces offered to accompany the pasta are a hallmark of the restaurant. Traditional flavors are blended with modern preparations, creating 15 possible choices.


The desserts are also part of the secret ingredient that season Nino e Pastino’s identity.


The Italian gelato is prepared on the spot, and is one of the most desired delicacies. It can be served alone or accompanied by another type of dessert or snacks such as Bocconi, small balls of fried sweet bread.



  • Barrio: El Poblado
  • Zona: Oviedo Mall
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