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Medellin Shopping


There is plenty of shopping in Medellin. From state of the art malls, comparable to the best and most modern you would find in any city in the USA, to out of the way kiosks, street vendors, and whole sections of barrios devoted to shopping of one sort or another, there is something for everyone. We can only provide but a small sample here of the plentiful choices for shopping that abound in Medellin.


The upscale Medellin malls at Oviedo, Tesoro, Premium Plaza and Santa Fe provide a safe and delightful experience for retail shopping in Medellin. Venture into the labyrinth of shops and street vendor stalls in El Centro (El Hueco, La Palacia Nacional, etc) for a truly unique and local shopping experience and great wholesale bargains.


Whatever the asking price in El Centro, negotiate usually 15-20% off the first offer. If they won’t budge, just walk away. You will most likely find the exact same or similar item down the street or a few shops away.


Major Malls

Camino Real

    Carrera 47 #52-86    Phone: (57) 512 7161
Located in the heart of downtown Medellin (El Centro) they boast 140 stores and commercial businesses

Centro Comercial Palacio Nacional

    Carrera 52 #48-45 Carabobo entre Pichincha y Ayacucho    Phone: (57) 513 4422

Centro Textil Molino Viejo

    Calle 49 (Ayacucho) #56-17

El Tesoro Parque Comercial

    Carrera25A #1ASur-45    Phone: (57) 321 1010
This very upscale mall in Tesoro has 130 stores, 10 cinemas, three food courts, a billiards parlor, new and used auto sales, banks, casino, corporations, 24 escalators, a childrens amusement park, furniture stores, a Body Tech Gym and more.

La Frontera Mall

    Carrera 43A #18Sur-174    Phone: (57) 313 8980

La Visitacion Mall

    Carrera 32 #4Sur-80    Phone: (57) 268 9523

Mayorca Boulevard Comercial

    Calle 51 Sur #48-57    Phone: (57) 373 0335
An outlet mall with food courts, cinemas and furniture stores.


    Carrera 48 #10-45    Phone: (57) 268 0100
Best known for being a technology center for anything to do with computers, it also has a number of low priced clothing stores, cinemas, banks, food court and a bowling alley plus one of the best legitimate massage places in Medellin.


    Carrera 74 #48-37    Phone: (57) 230 5068


    Carrera 43A #6 Sur-15    Phone: (57) 321 6116
One of Medellin oldest malls, it was completely renovated recently and is now considered one of the best malls in the city. It has over 285 stores, parking for 1,500 cars, 8 cinemas and a food court with over 30 restaurants.

Plazoleta de Las Americas

    DG 75B #2A-120    Phone: (57) 341 8073

Plazuelas de San Diego

    Calle 33 #43-16    Phone: (57) 262 1485
A sprawling mall covering several blocks, with 185 stores, numerous commercial business operations and medical offices, food courts and an Exito Supermarket inside. The Rio Casino is located right next door.

Premium Plaza

    Calle 30 between Ave. Poblado and Calle 30 1 block south of San Diego
One of Medellins newest Centro Comercial.

San Diego

    Calle 34 #43-66    Phone: (57) 232 0624

Santa Fe

        Carrera 43A and Los Balsos
Probably the newest and most talked about mall in the heart of El Poblado. Has all the upscale stores of the other major malls plus a few more.


    Carrera 66B #34-76    Phone: (57) 265 1116
Besides the typical stores there are also commercial operations, theaters, restaurants, children’s play areas and small shops. Unicentro also has over 3 km of botanical gardens that are well maintained on the inside.


    Calle 10 No. 32 115    Phone: 276 5194
Located in the Zona Rosa, Vizcaya is one of the newer malls in town with a unique Fashion Square, food courts, cinemas, banks and a Body Tech Gym.



Monterrey Mall is known for having a huge selection of computer items and electronics at good prices. If you need a grey market OS in spanish you can find it there also and even have it installed on your computer. You can find various stores selling cheap electronic and computer items in El Centro also.



The best places for souvenirs from Medellin and Colombia are the little shops on the side streets next to Parque Bolivar in El Centro. This area is called Junin. As a matter of fact the colloquialism “Juninando” means shopping, and it comes from this area.

Here you will find t-shirts, assorted authentic clothing items, crafts, hand carved items, paintings from local artisans, etc. Walk up and down and explore. You are sure to find something you like for a reasonable price.


Grocery Stores

The major grocery chains are Exito, Carulla and Carrefour. A chain called Pomona was purchased by Carulla and all of their stores have been rebranded. Carulla is more like a traditional supermarket focusing mostly on food products while the other two are more like Wal Mart Supercenters and carry food, clothing, appliances and more.


There are numerous stores of each chain located in most of the barrios of the city. No matter where you stay there will be at least one of these grocery stores nearby.


They all have in store pharmacies and many drugs that are by prescription only in the USA are available over the counter in Medellin. Prices on many medications are considerably less expensive than in the USA.


All also have multiple ATM machines supporting different banks and networks. All accept major credit cards but be aware that you may need a copy of your passport to use them.


Pricing is about the same in all of them. They all have a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, fresh and frozen meats and seafood.


Do not expect to see major cost savings on food in Colombia at the American style supermarkets. Fresh fruits and vegetables are good buys. Everything else can be comparatively expensive. Food and staple items are not cheap in Medellin especially imported goods. Fruits and vegetables are very reasonable.


Cigarettes and the local Ron Medellin rum are very affordable. Some meats are reasonable but items like seafood, nuts, sauces, spices, candy, cookies, paper products, cleaning products, cheese or any imported foods may surprise you at how high the prices are. $14 peanut butter and jelly anyone? Yeah… you read that right.

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