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Me Late Chocolate

Me Late Chocolate is a specialty shop and a cozy place for you to relax and share, with your partner, your family or your friends.


Celebrate a special occasion and live a great experience around a lot, and we mean a lot, of chocolate.


Each product that you put in your mouth has the mystic and magic that has always been attributed to this precious and ancient ingredient.


All of the chocolate is crafted with cocoa butter of the best quality to ensure the brightness and smoothness and the texture that you feel when you bite into it.


We have a wide selection including chocolates with passion fruit, lemon, pistachio, Baileys, caramel, orange, Tequila, and yogurt.


Or you can choose from desserts Momentum, Blind love, Black intentions, Select Conquest, Fondues Me Late, and drinks and shakes, among other select and delicious products.


Me Late Chocolate also caters business events, fairs and special parties so you have this delight of products wherever and whenever you desire.



  • Barrio: El Poblado
Tags: | Category: Restaurants

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