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Mangle Seafood

Mangle is a restaurant inspired by the shores and coasts of Colombia. The communities that inhabit those areas, their history and their joy all contribute to the cultural heritage of the country and of course to our recipes.


A country just beginning to glimpse it’s immense gastronomic treasure, pride and research potential for their knowledge, sustainable and fair exploration and recognition of their roots, their history and therefore, recognition of our identity, because we are what we eat.


The gastronomic offerings of Mangle has as their specialty, dishes from the colombian coasts. The food is prepared fresh for each customer. Stand outs include squid, shrimp, snook, mussels and clams.


Mangle is located one block from Vizcaya mall, and has three distinct and different dining areas each with a unique ambiance. Including a terrace with 25 tables. Mangle offers free parking for their customers.



  • Barrio: El Poblado
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