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La Mesa Libanesa

Experience a new concept in Arabic food in a friendly and family atmosphere. The history and experience of this restaurant shows the pride of an Arab family that through their effort and dedication wants to show the world their rich culture via food.


As a tradition of Jubiz Paliz family, La Mesa Libanesa is a restaurant whose food has its roots in Lebanon.


The restaurant is a half block from Parque Lleras. It is small and cosy decorated in an Arab style.


Among the dishes on the menu is the Lebanese table, which consists of an Arabian dinner with close to 15 oriental flavors. Appetizers of traditional soups, tahini, or unique ingredients such as almond rice, eggplant, and other traditional dishes.


You can also choose international dishes such as Hungarian Goulash, corn cakes from Chile, chicken curry from India, tongue of sultan roasted with wine, or an exquisite rabbit meat.


At La Mesa Libanesa you can try a mixed plate combining the 7 flavors of Arab food. Quibbe, rice with almonds, tabouli, falafel, parras, cabbage and kafta.


Or guests can delight their palate with the famous shawarma or arabic sandwich that combines meat or chicken with a rich salad. And end your meal with a delicious dessert imported from Lebanon. Burma, baklava and mamul are all remarkable.


The atmosphere at La Mesa Libanesa is characterized by Lebanese arabic music, and if you like you can try smoking one of the more traditional pipes of this culture, the water pipe.


La Mesa Libanesa is a restaurant that opens its doors for customers to know other flavors of the kitchen, made in the tradition of Lebanon.



  • Barrio: El Poblado
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