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El Tabun

El Tabun restaurant is a restaurant where you will find a combination of flavors and cultures of the Middle East. In 2008, the idea of a restaurant that would offer a different alternative to the diners of Medellin was born.


The restaurant is located in an exclusive area of the city of Medellin, where it offers guests a pleasant environment along with an exquisite range of dishes.


While other international restaurants in Medellin often bow down to a diluted version of authentic cuisine, El Tabun refuses to pander to Paisas love of bland food.


The name Tabun essentially refers to the name of the antique stove used to cook Arabic bread. It is very common in Arab homes in the Middle East. We use it to prepare the bread of the house which you can enjoy along side our variety of exquisite salads and different middle eastern recipes.


The freshly baked bread with hummus and 12 side dishes consisting of various dips, salads and roasted vegetables is a great starter.


With cloth ceilings, hypnotic Arabic music and belly dancing complete with jingly jewelry, El Tabun’s sensual approach slowly hypnotizes you into a different world, or at least a different city.


The restaurant is divided into two kinds of environments, contrasting the modern and the traditional Arab world, where you can observe the Bedouin atmosphere in an innovative space filled with colors representative of the cultures.



  • Barrio: El Poblado
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