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El Cielo

In Medellin’s El Cielo restaurant there are three menu options offered to the public: 6 courses for lunch, and two long menus of 10 or 20 courses for dinner.


Menu of 6 courses: $ 38,000, 10 courses: $ 65,000 and 20 courses: $ 95,000.


Open your mind, make it clear, leave your expectations behind, we are here to greet you with what we do in this family, working every day with a different approach, based on the love of our lives and our craft, enjoying every moment we live, acting with joy and passion, we are artisans and even though our work is ephemeral our reason for being is to steal the heart and a smile, so you will remember us for all of your life.


Juan Manuel Barrientos, chef and restaurant owner of elcielo located in Medellin and Bogota, began his career in 2004, studying gastronomy in the Colegiatura Colombiana of Medellin, where he graduated and went to Argentina in search of the renowned Iwao Komiyama, a chef specializing in sushi and Japanese cuisine.


Alongside Iwao, Juan Manuel learns the rigors and techniques implemented in a kitchen. In 2005, entering the Restaurante Arzak in San Sebastian, Spain, where he learned the techniques and the composition of the modern kitchen.


Returning to Colombia, at age 23, Barrientos implemented the learning he obtained during that year and decided to create the restaurant elcielo, inspired creative cuisine using cutting edge techniques and traditional cuisine. ElCielo opened in November 2007, with a tasting menu created by the chef.


Awards for Elcielo Restaurant and Juan Manuel Barrientos:

Success Awards 2011, recognizes the Leadership, Excellence, Quality and Management of elcielo for outstanding Creative Cuisine.
Best Restaurant in Colombia elected by the public Magazine Bar Awards 2010.
Top 5 Chefs Colombia 2010.
For his work with wounded soldiers and the Army of Colombia, was chosen to receive an honorary LT in the Army of Colombia.
Best Restaurant in Antiochia Bar awards 2009.
Chef revelation Bar awards 2009.
Elcielo restaurant and icon tourist destination city by the Bureau of Medellin.

Patriotic Order of Honor of the Republic of Colombia.
Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2009. Council of Medellin.



  • Barrio: El Poblado
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