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El Avila

You will find the best fusion food in Medellin in this restaurant on Calle Provenza in Poblado.


With a unique dining concept, which combines Mediterranean food and Thai food, you can try dishes and preparations that are unparalleled. They pay tribute to good taste and excellence in service.


And if you want to enjoy something different in the afternoons and Thursday nights or Friday, you can not miss the weekly Drunch. A culinary concept not well developed in our country but it is a gastronomic treat.


It is very similar to the popular Sunday brunch (breakfast + lunch English) which in short is a meal between breakfast and lunch. For his part, Drunch (dinner + lunch) consists of a meal between lunch and dinner.


The El Avila Drunch is every Thursday and Friday between 5 pm and 7:30 you can enjoy a different menu where light meals are featured. Different varieties of tapas and snacks are available. Join us for a beer or a cocktail will ensure an evening full of different and delicious dishes.



  • Barrio: El Poblado
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