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The restaurant Che retains the same details of 38 years ago, when Enrique Salas from Argentina decided to open it to share part of the culture of his country with the residents of Medellin. It was and is synonymous with innovation, elegance, and prestige.


Che was started in the 70s as the first pizzeria in Medellin. But when other restaurants of this type started to appear, the owner decided to change the menu to lean towards traditional Argentinean style meats, while still retaining certain types of pizza that had made it famous.


It is a quiet and traditional place, decorated with pictures of the legends of tango. Soothing background sounds are set to the rhythm of instrumental tango amid the conversation of the friends and families who gather there.


Che retains many of the same clientele from its opening days, who made this place a part of the family. They return to this day now accompanied by their children and grandchildren.


It has a limited menu, highlighted by the steak Che, a tender and juicy coal roasted steak. At the end of the meal, you can enjoy an apple pie or cake with ice cream and a good wine or a glass of sangria.


The house is divided into three rooms, decorated with typical Argentinian tables in which the culture of tango is evident.



  • Barrio: El Poblado
  • Address: calle 9 42 - 54
  • Phone: 266-4546
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