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Category: ‘Restaurants’

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Senor Itto

One of the premier sushi restaurants in Medellin.   Featuring an informal fusion of asian food, especially sushi and food prepared in the wok. Everything is prepared fresh daily.   One of its specialties is a Dynamite Maki, a crispy prawn with crab meat, caviar, avocado, mayonnaise sauce, lemon, and soybean.   The restaurant has […]

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Podesta home made, is what the name of this restaurant translates to. It is an example of the Italian family tradition.   Adolfo Podesta, who was born in Italy and raised his family here, has lived in Medellin for 40 years. Italian tradition in a Colombian destination.   The pleasure of dining here starts with […]

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The restaurant Orvietto, at the Belfort Hotel Dann Carlton, offers a varied menu with an italian specialty and a wide range of liquors and cocktails in a warm and intimate atmosphere.   Inspired by our chefs creativity and our traditional cooks taste, we offer the flavor, aroma and presentation found only in the best cuisines […]

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The restaurant and bar Nuqui was born on 10 September 1999, thanks to the idea of Gustavo Posada Arango, who lived 5 years in the beautiful coastal region of Colombia. He decided to relocate and took with him the gastronomy and taste of the pacific Chocoano region of Colombia to Medellin.   The restaurant started […]

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The restaurant Che retains the same details of 38 years ago, when Enrique Salas from Argentina decided to open it to share part of the culture of his country with the residents of Medellin. It was and is synonymous with innovation, elegance, and prestige.   Che was started in the 70s as the first pizzeria […]

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La Mesa Libanesa

Experience a new concept in Arabic food in a friendly and family atmosphere. The history and experience of this restaurant shows the pride of an Arab family that through their effort and dedication wants to show the world their rich culture via food.   As a tradition of Jubiz Paliz family, La Mesa Libanesa is […]

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