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Category: ‘Restaurants’

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At Artisano, in addition to good food, you can now enjoy a friendly, relaxed and comfortable environment where you can share the company of friends and family. A place that is ideal for any time or occasion.   The source of inspiration for this restaurant is Italian food with a creative flair, offering dishes with […]

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1910 Revolucion Mexicana

1910 Revolucion Mexicana, restaurant and tequilera is a novel concept of Mexican cuisine in the city of Medellin.   True to its name, it revolutionizes the traditional concept of Mexico and its gastronomy.   Inspired by the revolution, this restaurant promises to rescue part of the rich gastronomic history of the real Mexico with dishes […]

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Healthy dishes prepared with organic products. Natural food lovers have a gastronomic space in Verdeo. All the dishes are prepared with organic products, but above all with love and quality.   You’ll enjoy burgers, soups, vegetables, portobelo and pineapple juice with ginger, among other dishes. There is a daily special as well as a menu […]

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Turban Kebab House

In December 2009 Turban Kebab opened its first restaurant in Medellin. Turban Kebab is the only restaurant in Colombia to produce and sell the Kebab using the 100% original recipe from Germany.   Given the rapid development of the Kebab in other countries, our aspiration is to establish Turban Kebab in a short time as […]

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Triada is one of the most renowned restaurants in the zona rosa of Parque Lleras in El El Poblado.   It is a restaurant which enjoys special recognition in the city of Medellin because of its relaxed atmosphere and above all its exquisite gastronomy that encompasses the different flavors of the world, especially Peruvian food. […]

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Pizza 1969

Pizza 1969 Gourmet was born with the idea of being something different from the norm. we have 10 years making Gourmet Pizza and we’re still the number one. Our pizza is cooked in our trademark stone ovens. Our specialty is in the way of preparation, either thin or thick crust.   Pizzas are baked in […]

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Mango Maduro

Mango Maduro is an oasis of calm in an otherwise hectic area of downtown Medellin. Taking the wooden stairs which wind their way up to Mango Maduro, the hysteria of El Centro melts away and is superseded by high ceilings, big airy windows and colorful tiles.   Mango Maduro is immaculately clean and the food […]

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Le Bon Cafe

Based in Parque Lleras, Cafe Le Bon is a great coffee shop offering fresh options for breakfast and lunch. There’s a strong focus on getting good coffee from sustainable sources.   They have more than 10 different sort of coffees, the food is great and you can even go there for a quiet beer in […]

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In 1983, after being kicked out of a bar, 6 friends made a decision that would change their life. So that this would never happen to them again, they decided to build their own bar-restaurant. Since they lived in Clearwater, Florida the natural choice was to make it close to the beach.   The rustic […]

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Bonuar is devoted to the black culture, its music and cuisine. It is an open space within the museum of modern art of Medellin and the kitchen was developed by Chef Rodrigo Isaza of Herbarium.   It is influenced by the flavors of the Pacific and the Colombian Caribbean, antilles and cajun. In the music […]

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