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Category: ‘Restaurants’

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Restaurant Type Barrio Zona Menu Domicilio Thumb Excerpt Address Phone Price
Fresa Fast Good – Sabaneta NA Sabaneta Yes

This concept stems from a very specific question: can you offer a quick meal at a reasonable price and healthy? The response is..OF COURSE!   A healthy restaurant, perfect food for passing the afternoon, going to chat with friends, or to have a very special time with your partner, and of course! have business meetings.. […]

Address: Calle 68a sur # 43 - 49, A 3 CUADRAS DEL PARQUE Sabaneta, Antioquia
Peru Mix Peruvian El Poblado Yes

Peru Mix is the first chain style Peruvian fast food in Medellin and in Colombia. Here you can enjoy the best of Peruvian express and gourmet food in a casual and fun atmosphere. It’s a small place with great cuisine and atmosphere.   At Peru Mix we take the food very seriously and that’s why […]

Address: Calle 10 37-08 Phone: 448-8914 Price: $$
Jenos Pizza – Colombia Italian Colombia Colombia Yes Yes Address: Exito Colombia Phone: 444-6615 Price: $$
Jenos Pizza – Robledo Italian Los Colores Robledo Yes Yes Address: Calle 55 79 - 34 Phone: 444-6615 Price: $$
Jenos Pizza – La 65 Italian La 65 La 65 Yes Yes Address: Calle 47D 75 - 115 Phone: 444-6615 Price: $$
Jenos Pizza – La 33 Italian La 33 La 33 Yes Yes Address: Calle 33 78 - 43 Phone: 444-6615 Price: $$
Jenos Pizza – Centro Italian La Candelaria Centro Yes Yes Address: Carrera 57 42 - 113 Phone: 444-6615 Price: $$
Jenos Pizza – Parque Poblado Italian El Poblado Parque Poblado Yes Yes Address: Exito El Poblado Phone: 444-6615 Price: $$
Jenos Pizza – Calle 10 Italian El Poblado Calle 10 Yes Yes Address: Carrera 37 10 - 21 Phone: 444-6615 Price: $$
Jenos Pizza – Santa Fe Italian El Poblado Santa Fe Yes Yes Address: Carrera 43A 7sur - 170 - Santa Fe Mall Phone: 444-6615 Price: $$
Jenos Pizza Italian Yes Yes

Jenos is a pizza chain originally founded in 1973, currently with 8 locations in Medellin. Several of the locations have a Jeno’s Club which is a kid-friendly play place for the kids to run around.   The new location at the corner of Avenida Poblado and Calle 16 Sur has a particularly nice children’s play […]

Phone: 444-6615 Price: $$
La Pastizzeria – Laureles Italian Laureles Laureles Yes Yes Address: Transversal 39B C4 - 94 Phone: 444-6044 Price: $$
La Pastizzeria – Provenza Italian El Poblado Provenza Yes Yes Address: Carrera 32D 9 - 17 - Plaza Rosa Hotel Phone: 444-6044 Price: $$
La Pastizzeria – La Mota Italian La Mota La Mota Yes Yes Address: Calle 5 circular 75B 73 - La Mota Mall Phone: 444-6044 Price: $$
La Pastizzeria Italian Yes Yes

La Pastizzeria is a casual but charming Italian food place with three locations, Poblado (near the Vizcaya Mall), La Mota (West of the Herrera Airport), and Laureles (Avenida Nutibara close to the Carulla). They have a location in Rio Negro also.   All of their locations are charming yet casual. Several people have recommended the […]

Phone: 444-6044 Price: $$
Todo Fresa Bakery – Santa Fe Casual El Poblado Santa Fe Yes Address: Carrera 43A 7sur - 170 - Santa Fe Mall Phone: 313-3052 Price: $$
Todo Fresa Bakery – El Tesoro Casual El Poblado El Tesoro Yes Address: Carrera 25A 1A sur - 45 - El Tesoro Mall Phone: 321-1323 Price: $$
Todo Fresa Bakery – Manila Casual El Poblado Manila Yes Address: Calle de la Buena Mesa Phone: 268-1801 Price: $$
Todo Fresa Bakery – Los Molinos Casual Belen Los Molinos Yes Address: Calle 30A 82A - 26 - Los Molinos Mall Phone: 444-4662 Price: $$
Todo Fresa Bakery – Palms Avenue Casual El Poblado Palms Avenue Yes Address: Calle 18 35 - 69 - Palms Avenue Mall Phone: 312-1030 Price: $$
Todo Fresa Bakery – Oviedo Casual El Poblado Oviedo Yes Address: Carrera 43A 6 sur - 15 - Oviedo Mall Phone: 314-0586 Price: $$
Todo Fresa Bakery Casual Yes

Todo Fresa is dedicated to the production, distribution and sale of handmade pastries, baked goods, biscuits, coffee and some other delicacies. We were born in Medellin, in the Manila suburb in 1983, in a small shop selling a few products, mostly strawberry.   From this came the name Todo Fresa which means All Strawberry. Here […]

Price: $$
Archies – Laureles Italian Laureles Laureles Yes Yes Address: Circular 74B 39B - 6 Phone: 444-2666 Price: $$$
Archies – El Tesoro Italian El Poblado El Tesoro Yes Yes Address: Carrera 25A 1A sur - 45 - El Tesoro Mall Phone: 444-2666 Price: $$$
Archies – Oviedo Italian El Poblado Oviedo Yes Yes Address: Carrera 43A 6 sur - 15 - Oviedo Mall Phone: 444-2666 Price: $$$
Archies – San Fernando Plaza Italian El Poblado San Fernando Plaza Yes Yes Address: Carrera 43A 1 - 50 - San Fernando Plaza Phone: 444-2666 Price: $$$
Archies – Santa Fe Italian El Poblado Santa Fe Yes Yes Address: Carrera 43A 7sur - 170 - Santa Fe Mall Phone: 444-2666 Price: $$$
Archies Italian Yes Yes

Archie’s is a chain of casual Italian dining restaurants with an extensive menu, a variety of fresh products, innovative and gourmet.   We were the creators of the Garden Pizza, and brought trademarked ingredients like arugula, artichoke and caesar dressing to Medellin.   We developed a true caesar salad seasoned with our anchovy sauce.   […]

Phone: 444-2666 Price: $$$
Mondongos – La 70 Colombian La 70 La 70 Yes Address: Carrera 70 C3 - 46 Phone: 411-3434 Price: $$$
Mondongos – Calle 10 Colombian El Poblado Calle 10 Yes Address: Calle 10 38 - 38 Phone: 312-2346 Price: $$$
Mondongos Colombian Yes

Mondongo’s is a typical Colombian cuisine chain in Medellin specializing in Mondongo, which is a soup of cow stomach lining and potatoes (but don’t let that scare you). It is usually served with a lot of sides, which you throw into the soup.   While the soup is their specialty, they have a varied menu […]

Price: $$$
El Corral Gourmet – El Tesoro Hamburgers El Poblado El Tesoro Yes Address: Carrera 25A 1A sur - 45 - El Tesoro Mall Price: $$$
El Corral Gourmet – Oviedo Hamburgers El Poblado Oviedo Yes Address: Carrera 43A 6 sur - 15 Oviedo Mall Price: $$$
El Corral Gourmet Hamburgers Yes

El Corral Gourmet is different than El Corral, but they’re related. El Corral Gourmet is a table service restaurant in Medellin, located in Oviedo and Tesoro.   Founded in 1983, Hamburguesas El Corral is a Colombian fast-food hamburger chain with a serious cult following and nearly 200 locations spread across South and Central America.   […]

Price: $$$
El Corral – La Mota Hamburgers La Mota La Mota Yes Address: Carrera 70 1 sur - 26 Price: $$
El Corral – Los Molinos Hamburgers Belen Los Molinos Yes Address: Calle 30A 82A - 26 - Los Molinos Mall Price: $$
El Corral – Premium Plaza Hamburgers El Poblado Premium Plaza Yes Address: Carrera 43A 30 - 25 - Premium Plaza Mall Price: $$
El Corral – San Diego Hamburgers San Diego San Diego Yes Address: Calle 34 43 - 66 - San Diego Mall Price: $$
El Corral – La 33 Hamburgers Laureles La 33 Yes Address: Carrera 66B 34A - 6 - Unicentro Mall Price: $$
El Corral – Laureles Hamburgers Laureles Laureles Yes Address: Transversal 39B 74 - 09 Price: $$
El Corral – La 65 Hamburgers La 65 La 65 Yes Address: Calle 47B 75 - 115 (in Carrefour) Price: $$
El Corral – Oviedo Hamburgers El Poblado Oviedo Yes Address: Carrera 43A 6 sur - 15 - Oviedo Mall Price: $$
El Corral – San Fernando Plaza Hamburgers El Poblado San Fernando Plaza Yes Address: Carrera 43A 1 - 50 San Fernando Plaza Price: $$
El Corral – Provenza Hamburgers El Poblado Provenza Yes Address: Carrera 32D 9 - 92 Price: $$
El Corral – El Tesoro Hamburgers El Poblado El Tesoro Yes Address: Carrera 25A 1A sur - 45 - El Tesoro Mall Price: $$
El Corral – Mallorca Hamburgers Sabaneta Mallorca Yes Address: Calle 51 sur 48 - 57 - Mallorca Mall Price: $$
El Corral Hamburgers Yes

  El Corral is a hamburger joint chain in Colombia, that is well represented in Medellin, and it’s a pretty darn good one to be honest. It’s semi-fast food in that you order at a counter and sit down and wait at a table. But it’s definitely worth a try. The atmosphere is country rustic, […]

Price: $$
Sushi Light – La Strada Sushi El Poblado La Strada Yes Yes Address: Carrera 43 1 sur - 150 - La Strada Mall Phone: 444-2848 Price: $$$
Sushi Light – El Tesoro Sushi El Poblado El Tesoro Yes Yes Address: Carrera 25A 1A sur - 45 - El Tesoro Mall Phone: 444-2848 Price: $$$
Sushi Light – Piazza Bella Sushi El Poblado Piazza Bella Yes Yes Address: Carrera 29D 6A-5 - Piazza Bella Phone: 444-2848 Price: $$$
Sushi Light – Santa Fe Sushi El Poblado Santa Fe Yes Yes Address: Carrera 43A 7sur - 170 - Santa Fe Mall Phone: 444-2848 Price: $$$
Sushi Light Sushi Yes Yes

Sushi Light is an Asian restaurant chain in Medellin, dedicated to gourmet flavors merging Eastern (Japanese and Vietnamese) and Colombian cuisine.   They say they focus on excellent food handling, health, environment and continuous improvement to deliver a healthy meal.   In business in Medellin for 10 years Sushi Light strives to deliver a different […]

Phone: 444-2848 Price: $$$
Il Forno – Villa Grande Italian Envigado Villa Grande Yes Yes Address: Carrera 43A 25 sur - 25 - Villa Grande Mall Phone: 448-6860 Price: $$
Il Forno – La Gran Via Italian La Mota Le Gran Via Yes Yes Address: Diagonal 75B 6 - 105 - La Gran Via Mall Phone: 448-6860 Price: $$
Il Forno – Punto Clave Italian Ave Industriales Punto Clave Yes Yes Address: Calle 27 46 - 70 - Punto Clave Mall Phone: 448-6860 Price: $$
Il Forno – Los Molinas Italian Belen Los Molinos Yes Yes Address: Calle 30A 82A - 26 - Los Molinos Mall Phone: 448-6860 Price: $$
Il Forno – Palms Avenue Italian El Poblado Palms Avenue Yes Yes Address: Calle 18 35 - 69 - Palms Avenue Mall Phone: 448-6860 Price: $$
Il Forno – San Lucas Italian Envigado San Lucas Yes Yes Address: Carrera 25B 18A sur - 137 Phone: 448-6860 Price: $$
Il Forno – Zona 2 Italian El Poblado Zona 2 Yes Yes Address: Carrera 35 2 sur - 55 - Zona 2 Mall Phone: 448-6860 Price: $$
Il Forno – San Nicolas Italian Alejandria San Nicolas Yes Yes Address: Calle 43 No. 54 - 139 - San Nicolas Phone: 448-6860 Price: $$
Il Forno – Parque Lleras Italian El Poblado Parque Lleras Yes Yes Address: Carrera 37A 8 - 9 - Parque Lleras Phone: 448-6860 Price: $$
Il Forno – San Diego Italian San Diego San Diego Yes Yes Address: Calle 34 43 - 66 - San Diego Mall Phone: 448-6860 Price: $$
Il Forno Italian Yes Yes

  Il Forno is an Italian restaurant in Medellin specializing in wood fired oven recipes. It’s one of my favorite places to go, not necessarily because it has the “best” food in Medellin, or because it’s the classiest place to be seen, but rather because it just seems to be a perfect mix of good […]

Phone: 448-6860 Price: $$
Crepes & Waffles – Unicentro Casual Laureles Unicentro Yes Address: Carrera 66B 34A - 6 - Unicentro Mall Phone: 265-5199 Price: $$
Crepes & Waffles – Mallorca Casual Sabaneta Mallorca Yes Address: Calle 51 sur 48 - 57 - Mallorca Mall Phone: 377-2715 Price: $$
Crepes & Waffles – Los Molinos Casual Belen Los Molinos Yes Address: Calle 30A 82A - 26 - Los Molinos Mall Phone: 235-4196 Price: $$
Crepes & Waffles – Oviedo Casual El Poblado Oviedo Yes Address: Carrera 43A 6 sur - 15 - Oviedo Mall Phone: 352-6888 Price: $$
Crepes & Waffles – San Diego Casual San Diego San Diego Yes Address: Calle 34 43 - 66 - San Diego Mall Phone: 232-1023 Price: $$
Crepes & Waffles – Premium Plaza Casual El Poblado Premium Plaza Yes Address: Calle 29 43G - 10 - Premium Plaza Mall Phone: 228-3388 Price: $$
Crepes & Waffles – Santa Fe Casual El Poblado Santa Fe Yes Address: Carrera 43A 7sur - 170 - Santa Fe Mall Phone: 313-5705 Price: $$
Crepes & Waffles – Laureles Casual Laureles Laureles Yes Address: Transversal 39B 73B - 60 Phone: 413-1344 Price: $$
Crepes & Waffles – El Tesoro Casual El Poblado El Tesoro Yes Address: Carrera 25A 1A sur - 45 - El Tesoro Mall Phone: 321-0795 Price: $$
Crepes & Waffles – Campestre Casual El Poblado Campestre Yes Address: Calle 16A sur 32B - 38 - Campestre Drive In Mall Phone: 313-6163 Price: $$
Crepes & Waffles – Calle 10 Casual El Poblado Calle 10 Yes Address: Carrera 36 10 - 54 Phone: 311-5067 Price: $$
Crepes & Waffles Casual Yes

Crepes & Waffles first opened in 1980 with it’s first location coming to Medellin in 1994. And with over 140 locations in 8 countries, Crepes & Waffles is an institution. A Colombian success story.   And like most institutions, successes, and “popular” establishments it’s likely to cause debates and arguments. Some will scoff at the […]

Price: $$
Max Carbon Casual El Poblado Calle 10 Yes Yes

  Located among a row of nondescript storefronts just off of Calle 10 and close to Parque Lleras, it would be easy to dismiss Max Carbon as just another one of the run of the mill casual restaurants that seem to be ubiquitous in that area.   But to do so means you would miss […]

Address: Carrera 38 10-10 Phone: 444-6501 Price: $$
Cuzco Peruvian El Poblado Las Palmas Yes

  Quality: Outstanding Ambiance: Paisa open air dining mall Overall Experience: ***** (out of 5)   A friend had previously suggested that a group of us dine at “Cuzco”, a Peruvian seafood restaurant on Via Las Palmas in Poblado. I was getting ready for my trip to Peru, so I wanted to get in shape […]

Address: Calle 18 35-69 Phone: 312-4936 Price: $$$$
Byblos Middle Eastern El Poblado Las Palmas Yes Yes

A restaurant where one can learn about the Lebanese culture and its extraordinary variety of flavors. Lebanon is a Middle Eastern country, bathed by the Mediterranean and mountain chains. A country that seems suspended between sky and sea.   It has been a privileged for its diverse geography, landscape, culture, history, contrasts, hills, dense forests, […]

Address: Calle 18 35-70 Phone: 268-8694 Price: $$$$
Comida Saludable del Poblado Casual El Poblado Santa Maria Yes Yes

Comida Saludable del Poblado is a local and casual restaurant with a varied menu. Friendly service and a nice outdoor dining area with tables, it is on the same block as the Santa Maria de Los Angeles church.   The food is reasonably priced, and they serve both breakfast and lunch. They advertise themselves as […]

Address: Carrera 46 16 Sur-40 Phone: 313-5959 Price: $$$
Philly Steaks Sandwiches Laureles Belen Yes

  Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks in Medellin? Seriously? Having lived a good part of my life in south Jersey, where the Philly Cheesesteak is an institution, I must admit I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about this place.   But I am here to tell you that the Cheesesteaks are excellent. And yes, […]

Address: Calle 33 82-07 Phone: 411-4765 Price: $$
Sayori Sushi El Poblado Calle 10

The sushi and the teppanyaki are the house specialties at Sayori Restaurante Japones in Poblado. One of Medellin’s best sushi joints, Sayori is located just off Calle 10 in the Zona Rosa. It is a traditional Japanese restaurant where you can submerge yourself in the ambiance and forget the common culinary routine.   The entrees […]

Address: Carrera 38 10-27 Phone: 266 2850 Price: $$$
Asados Dona Rosa Colombian Rionegro MDE Airport Roundabout

Asados Dona Rosa is a traditional paisa restaurant, which has a 25 year history as the site of family gatherings and a place for friends to get together. It has a warm atmosphere, the best service, is a place to enjoy the cuisine of Medellin.   Asados Dona Rosa, is a restaurant whose purpose is […]

Address: MDE Airport Roundabout Phone: 536-0564 Price: $$
Mu Bar (fukin good ribs) Bar/Grill El Poblado Provenza

Mu is a comfortable laid back European bar specializing in ribs to die for.   This funky little place is the brain child of Simon from Brighton England and his wife Elizabeth from Medellin Colombia.   An uncomplicated space with great music Mu is popular with Colombians practicing English and foreign residents just having a […]

Address: Carrera 34 7 - 115 Phone: 310-598-5982 Price: $$$
Ginger Sushi Lounge Sushi El Poblado Mall Piazza Bella Yes

In Medellin, the cuisine is growing daily and diners are finding more and better options for eating out. One increasingly popular spot is Ginger Sushi Lounge. Many feel it’s the best sushi in Medellin.   Located in the Centro Comercial Piaza Bella in Poblado, Ginger Sushi Lounge offers variety of options in the world of […]

Address: Carrera 30 4A - 80 Phone: 444-4004 Price: $$$
Ay Caramba Mexican El Poblado Parque Lleras Yes Yes

Ay Caramba is a Tex-Mex Restaurant in Medellin. If you’re in Medellin and crazing something spicy “por fin” jump over to Ay Caramba and get some good standard fare that for Americans is pretty much mainstream (at least if you’re from the Southwest).   You can only look at so many Bandeja Paisas before you […]

Address: Carrera 37 8A - 60 Phone: 311-5615 Price: $$$
Opera Pizza Italian Laureles La 70 Yes

Opera Pizza in Laureles is a traditional Italian pizzeria with a stone and brick oven. It’s a small place with little tables, very familiar to anyone from the US or Italy where places like this are common.   Located on Calle 42, this pizzeria has been mixing tastes of the North and South of Italy […]

Address: Calle 42 70 - 22 Phone: 413-1920 Price: $$
Thaico Asian El Poblado Parque Lleras

They say Thaico is “An excellent choice to eat or go to party in the Parque Lleras”. Ok, well maybe it’s a better place to drink than eat, especially if you’re a foodie or Thai food snob. Royal Thai is clearly better food. But Thaico Medellin is a neat place and they have great drink […]

Address: Calle 9A 37 - 40 Phone: 352-2166 Price: $$$
Restaurante Amelia Casual El Poblado Calle 10

Amelia is a Fondue and Crepe restaurant located in Medellin’s Poblado neighborhood.   In a traditional Poblabo house, covered with a roof of thatch is, every day, the delicious taste of Swiss cuisine in the midst of a peaceful environment where privacy is respected at each table. With capacity for 42 people, is a place […]

Address: Calle 10B 36 - 23 Phone: 311-3951 Price: $$$
Bahia Mar Seafood El Poblado Calle 10

Bahia Mar is a seafood restaurant offering regional cuisine prepared to a high standard. It has very good service, generous portions and reasonable prices to boot.   Bahia Mar is located on a quietish side street behind Parque Poblado. It is simply decorated in a style reminiscent of the Pacific coast which is the area […]

Address: Calle 10 33 - 27 Phone: 312-1169 Price: $$
Taquino Colombian El Poblado Yes

When you enter Taquino it feels like being home. Located in El Poblado, Taquino offers the public original recipes and taste of home cooking, which combined are magical ingredients of the food that is prepared there.   It serves delicious Colombian food, especially paisa, at a great price. Food 100% homemade.   With 30 years […]

Address: Carrera 43B 11 - 100 Phone: 311-4211 Price: $$$
La Rueca Steak El Poblado Calle 10 Yes

La Rueca is a place specializing in Argentinean grilled dishes and other fare with homemade sauces.   There is bar service to accompany the meals and a wine cellar to create a more formal and sophisticated atmosphere.   It is ideal for sharing a delicious lunch or dinner with family or friends.   There is […]

Address: Calle 10A 36 - 54 Phone: 311-7900 Price: $$$$
Cafe Le Gris Casual El Poblado Oviedo Mall

Cafe Le Gris in Oviedo Mall is a traditional restaurant despite being located in a mall. It is popular with business people of el Poblado for lunch, or for meetings. The Lobster tails and Polynesian shrimp are very good and recommended.   The terrace of Cafe Le Gris has two different decoration environments. While one […]

Address: Carrera 43A 6 sur - 15 Phone: 311-7058 Price: $$$$
Tramezzini Italian El Poblado Oviedo Mall

Our restaurant, founded in 1997, is a family business whose bid is authentic Italian cuisine in Medellin, made with high quality ingredients, taste and love.   It’s authentic Italian cuisine. So is Tramezzini defined with certainty by Peroni Marta Ofelia, it’s owner.   It is a family business that has survived 13 years in the […]

Address: Carrera 43A 6 sur - 15 Phone: 313-2996 Price: $$$
Pietra Santa Italian El Poblado

The restaurant Pietra Santa is a restaurant with a successful track record of more than 10 years in the city of Medellin, located in the area of the Golden Mile on Calle 3 Sur No. 43 A 98, in the square of the Hotel Estelar.   It’s a nice place, with several rooms full of […]

Address: Calle 3 Sur N 43 A 98 Phone: 366-7328 Price: $$$
Palmitas Restaurante Bar Colombian El Poblado

Palmitas has been an institution in Medellin for around 45 years. It’s a restaurant, a bar, and a club. And while the place may not be able to compete with the hottest dance clubs in town, or the very best restaurants in Medellin, or even the best showplace it certainly does a pretty good job […]

Address: Carrera 38 26 - 41 Phone: 232-7199 Price: $$$
Los Toldos Colombian El Centro

This is a very “paisa” place with a lot of typical decoration, food, and presentation. All the waiters wear traditional paisa clothing, and the restaurant is filled with Colombian Folk Music. It is near Parque Bolivar.   Obviously the Bandeja Paisa is a staple at Los Toldos, but they feature a daily special for around […]

Address: Calle 54 47 - 11 Phone: 512-3675 Price: $$
El Zocalo Mexican El Poblado Yes

For lovers of tequila, nachos and Mexican culture in Medellin. Zocalo is a Mexican restaurant that takes it’s name from the central plaza in Mexico City, and brings the authentic culinary tradition of Mexico to Medellin.   The Mexican atmosphere, the bar tequilas and cocktails and colorful tablecloths are the atmosphere of this restaurant – […]

Address: Carrera 43B 11 - 84 Phone: 311-4217 Price: $$$
Pisco y Marisco Peruvian El Poblado

Pisco y Marisco is a Peruvian food restaurant located in downtown Medellin, on Calle de la Buena Mesa in barrio Manila, Poblado.   Pisco y Marisco is a proposal to be enjoyed in a simple and elegant place. In a small and cozy area, the atmosphere is very quiet, with soft music and dim yellow […]

Address: Carrera 43B 11 - 88 Phone: 266-4699 Price: $$$$
La Doctora Steak El Escobero Yes

One September 15th almost three decades ago began a dream. Today the dream has come true, we gathered at La Doctora del Escobero for the experience and quality that you as customers have helped us to find.   Now we mix these values together in a beautiful traditional 180 year old house of Antioquia. You […]

Address: Calle 36B sur 27 - 40 Phone: 336-0670 Price: $$$
Torino Pizza and Pasta Italian El Poblado Calle 10 Yes Yes

Torino Pasta & Pizza is a restaurant specializing in pizza, but they have all sorts of Italian food. They are located near the Zona Rosa on Calle 10.   It’s a great place to enjoy the best pizza and pasta with authentic Italian flavor, made with imported products that give you the best price and […]

Address: Calle 10 #37-38 Phone: 266-2870 Price: $$
Patrick’s Irish Pub Bar/Grill El Poblado Parque Lleras Yes

Patrick’s Irish Pub is a place to meet friends after work, you are there to get grounded after enduring the pace of the city. It is also a special place to make new friends or hatch a revolution, as have always been done in these kinds of places.   Patrick’s Irish Pub is an Irish […]

Address: Calle 37A #8A - 43 Phone: 311-5607 Price: $$
El Tabun Middle Eastern El Poblado Yes

El Tabun restaurant is a restaurant where you will find a combination of flavors and cultures of the Middle East. In 2008, the idea of a restaurant that would offer a different alternative to the diners of Medellin was born.   The restaurant is located in an exclusive area of the city of Medellin, where […]

Address: Carrera 33 7 - 99 Phone: 311-8209 Price: $$$
El Tabun Express Middle Eastern El Poblado Tesoro Yes Yes

Tabun Express is the sister restaurant of El Tabun. It is located in the food court of El Tesoro mall and features a more limited menu.   Think of it kind of as a middle eastern fast food restaurant.   However it truly offers a a different alternative to the usual food court fare you […]

Address: Centro Comercial El Tesoro Etapa 3 Local 1548 Phone: 444-9693 Price: $$$
Asia Asian El Poblado Yes

Asia has been in business for 30 years and evokes all the classical culture of the Asian continent. From the dragons on the walls and the Chinese scrolls, to the colors red, gold and black, and the lighting on the walls.   The restaurant Asia serves a wide range of Chinese dishes, with it’s specialty […]

Address: Calle 16 30 - 145 Phone: 268-6810 Price: $$$
La Bottega del Vino Italian El Poblado

Excellent pizzas, pastas and fine Italian food are found at this Italian owned restaurant.   La Bottega del Vino is a restaurant dedicated to providing gourmet pizzas with flavor and quality. The inspiration to make pizzas is taken from the traditional recipes of the Italian peninsula.   In addition to pizza, at La Bottega del […]

Address: Carrera 36 10 - 62 Phone: 311-1472 Price: $$$
Cafe de Otraparte Casual Envigado Yes

El Cafe Otraparte is a place for good conversation, good food, good coffee and meeting friends. Located adjacent to the Casa Museo Otraparte, it was formerly the home of the poet, philosopher and Antioquian writer Fernando Gonzalez.   Fernando Gonzalez was a local writer also known as The Philosopher from somewhere else or Otraparte which […]

Address: Calle 27 sur 43A - 61 Phone: 302-4218 Price: $$
Dejate Querer Casual El Poblado Parque Lleras Yes

The name Dejate Querer, came about from the daily need that we have to feel affection for others and for the things that surround us. To feel a space where we can pamper you and offer all you the things to meet all your needs.   It is a very feminine concept. Women are very […]

Address: Carrera 37A 8 - 12 Phone: 268-4313 Price: $$$
Ajiacos y Mondongos Colombian El Poblado Yes

One of the best places to experience an authentic Colombian meal is Ajiacos y Mondongos, a little hidden away converted house in El Poblado that has been serving some of the best traditional food in Medellin since 1991.   On the menu are just three dishes, Ajiacos, Mondogos and Cazuela but what they lack in […]

Address: Calle 8 42 - 71 Phone: 266-5505 Price: $$
Frutos del Mar Seafood El Poblado

Founded in 1980 by a Portuguese living in Medellin, Frutos del Mar has a long history of serving international food.   It is a friendly place with a team of qualified food service professionals to make your dining experience special.   The specialty of the house is seafood, and there is a very wide variety […]

Address: Carrera 43B 11 - 51 Phone: 266-5766 Price: $$$$
Cafe Colombo – Credenza Casual El Centro Colombo Americano Yes

On the top floor of the building also housing the Centro Colombo Americano, this minimalist spot serves up light meals along with stunning views of the city and mountains.   Eight years ago Cafe Colombo opened its doors to the city of Medellin. Since then, it is one of the favorite spots in the city […]

Address: Carrera 45 53 - 24 10th floor Phone: 513-4444 Price: $$$
Angus Brangus Steak San Diego Las Palmas Yes

Angus Brangus, located on the Las Palmas Road, has a menu which in addition to steaks, offers its customers a variety of paella and seafood.   Dishes which can be accompanied with appetizers like carpaccio of salmon, breaded squid or octopus in garlic.   When it comes to drinks there are a wide range of […]

Address: Carrera 42 34 - 15 Phone: 232-1632 Price: $$$$
La Paris Sandwiches El Poblado Yes Yes

Paris began as a deli in 1976 in the San Diego Shopping Center specializing in sandwiches and products imported from the ranch and spirits.   In 2004 the Paris closed it’s doors for what would turn out to only a short period of time.   La Paris Sandwich, was created in 2006, based on the […]

Address: Carrera 36 7 - 30 Phone: 444-4457 Price: $$
Al Rojo Italian El Poblado Parque Lleras Yes

Al Rojo restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine and located in the upscale Parque Lleras section of Medellin.   It is the perfect venue for social gatherings and business meetings thanks to its cozy and casual atmosphere and its crossover music that satisfies every type of taste.   It is considered a fashionable place and an […]

Address: Calle 9 38 - 09 Phone: 311-5757 Price: $$$
Crispino Pizza & Pasta Italian Laureles

Automobile parking lots in Medellin’s Laureles neighborhood filled with visitors support the reputation of Crispino, Pizza and Pasta, where dozens of guests arrive for the quality of their dishes.   It is a family restaurant founded by Salvatore. His name is said often in Medellin, because Crispino is the typical food of Naples, and his […]

Address: Circular 1 74 - 04 Phone: 413-3266 Price: $$$
Restaurante Bijao Fine Dining El Poblado Parque Lleras

Bijao features Nuevo Latino cuisine in the heart of Medellin. With a unique design Bijao brings the latin kitchen to your table.   The bijao leaf comes from a palm tree of the Amazon, very similar to the banana leaf that is used for wrapping food, or in this case, for the decor.   The […]

Address: Calle 8A 37 - 25 Phone: 311-6294 Price: $$$
Nino e Pastino Italian El Poblado Oviedo Mall Yes

Nino e Pastino offers a different way to enjoy Italian food in Medellin. They hand make pasta and specialize in fresh ingredients. The restaurant is located in Oviedo Mall.   Nino is a southern Italian spaghetti dish, intensely flavored, with fresh ingredients like tomatoes, herbs and olives.   Pastino is also a spaghetti, but from […]

Address: Carrera 43A 6 sur - 15 Phone: 310-1730 Price: $$
Me Late Chocolate Desserts El Poblado Yes

Me Late Chocolate is a specialty shop and a cozy place for you to relax and share, with your partner, your family or your friends.   Celebrate a special occasion and live a great experience around a lot, and we mean a lot, of chocolate.   Each product that you put in your mouth has […]

Address: Carrera 34 7 - 100 Phone: 312-7139 Price: $
Mangle Seafood Seafood El Poblado

Mangle is a restaurant inspired by the shores and coasts of Colombia. The communities that inhabit those areas, their history and their joy all contribute to the cultural heritage of the country and of course to our recipes.   A country just beginning to glimpse it’s immense gastronomic treasure, pride and research potential for their […]

Address: Carrera 32 10 - 31 Phone: 266-1796 Price: $$$$
Piadinas Piadas & Fondues Casual El Poblado La Strada Mall

Piadinas is a restaurant based on the food of Italy. Their source of inspiration are the piadas.   What are piadas?   They are a little package wrapped in Arabic bread sauteed with pesto, basil and olive oil and stuffed with different foods.   It was originally sold in the streets of Italy. The restaurant […]

Address: Carrera 43 1 sur - 150 Phone: 311-7177 Price: $$$
Volare Ristorante Italian El Poblado

The best of Italian cuisine is at Volare in Medellin’s Poblado neighborhood. Visit us and experience our tastes.   Two Italian food lovers who are also lovers of Colombian flavors opened a restaurant where you will feel like a part of Italy.   Its decor, ambiance, music and even recipes are Italian. With a full […]

Address: Carrera 30 10C-228 Phone: 580-8989 Price: $$$
Shawarma Middle Eastern El Poblado Ventura Mall

Healthy food in Medellin is now a reality with this restaurant south of the city.   Shawarma is a Turkish dish that consists of thin slices of lamb, chicken or beef roasted on a vertical spit, stuffed into a pita bread with vegetables and other condiments.   Shawarma is also the name of a restaurant […]

Address: Carrera 32 1B sur - 51 Phone: 268-4462 Price: $$
San Carbon Steak El Poblado Las Palmas Yes Yes

San Carbon is a Medellin institution that always seems to be consistent. The menu is not extensive and makes no pretensions. This is a steak house plain and simple.   The meat always tastes great as the beef comes from grass fed cows. It comes through in the flavor.   On weeknights the atmosphere can […]

Address: Calle 14 30 - 10 Phone: 311-7602 Price: $$$$
In Situ Casual Prado Botanical Garden Yes

In Situ is a Latin expression that evokes our botanical essence, and the sense of being “in the right place.”   Our first mission is to assess the recipes and traditional products of Colombian cuisine, while offering dishes that are recognized from world cuisine with a menu designed by our chef Oscar Gonima that is […]

Address: Calle 73 51D - 14 Phone: 470-6007 Price: $$$
360 Bistro Fine Dining El Poblado San Fernando Plaza

Bistros were born in France but are not necessarily “French”, it is a style of thinking and serving the food, it is the result of countless culinary trends.   This explanation is written on the entrance to 360 Bistro, a restaurant that offers Medellin a lot, but also listens.   The concept that frames this […]

Address: Carrera 43A 1 - 50 Phone: 326-2130 Price: $$$
La Albufera de Valencia Fine Dining El Poblado Yes

La Albufera de Valencia is a Spanish Tapas kitchen with a Valencian influence. For your palate they have the best rice and tapas dishes in Medellin.   Tapas is part of Spanish culture, hundreds of years of tradition that have discovered many things.   Some people may know that we have Tapas because of a […]

Address: Carrera 43B 15 - 50 Phone: 354-0236 Price: $$$$
Shamrock Irish Pub Bar/Grill El Poblado

Shamrock is an “Irish” Pub in Medellin with a faithful following of expats.   It’s a bar more than an Irish Pub, but how many Medelliners really know the difference?   And given that it’s apparently run by a Scot and a Dutchman I’m sure there’s a blasphemy there.   But nonetheless the place is […]

Address: Carrera 35 8A - 11 Phone: 582-1822 Price: $$
Anita’s Gourmet Express Casual El Poblado Yes Yes

Getting away from the stress of the city now is easier. In Anita’s Gourmet Express you will find a calm oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of day to day life in the city.   Experience a fresh, sophisticated and quiet atmosphere that allows you to enjoy anything from a good lunch […]

Address: Calle 4 sur 43A- 97 Phone: 310-1770 Price: $$$
La Cafetiere de Anita Fine Dining El Poblado Yes

La Cafetiere de Anita is one of the top restaurants in Medellin.   It is known for it’s exquisite cuisine, premium quality, and contemporary atmosphere.   It is the favorite place of business leaders, politicians, artists and general domestic and international solicialites.   La Cafetiere is based on the techniques of French cuisine, but includes […]

Address: Calle 6 sur 43A- 92 Phone: 311-3103 Price: $$$$
El Herbario Fine Dining El Poblado Yes

Herbario is a restaurant with an open kitchen with only 70 tables offering well-selected options with seasonal dishes. One of Medellin’s best choices for a nice meal.   The backbone of our menu are the essences and herbs as a catalyst for the flavors of our country and the different cuisines.   Far from presenting […]

Address: Carrera 43D 10 - 30 Phone: 311-2537 Price: $$$$
Yakul Middle Eastern El Poblado Yes

Yakul is an Arabic fast food restaurant featuring Lebanese dishes. The signature dish is shawarma, which is a sandwich where the meat is prepared on spits in ovens, allowing it to roast in its own juices making it very tender and moist.   The meat is then stuffed into pita bread along with tabule salad. […]

Address: Carrera 38 10 - 35 Phone: 352-5679 Price: $
Il Castello Italian El Poblado

Il Castello is Italian presence in Medellin. It is characterized by the typical flavor of the wood oven, in the more traditional way.   With iron chandeliers, table cloths and diamond floors, dark wood and wine as decoration, next to the old brick, we achieve an Italian atmosphere with extreme warmth.   On one side, […]

Address: Carrera 40 10A - 14 Phone: 312-8287 Price: $$$
El Avila Fine Dining El Poblado

You will find the best fusion food in Medellin in this restaurant on Calle Provenza in Poblado.   With a unique dining concept, which combines Mediterranean food and Thai food, you can try dishes and preparations that are unparalleled. They pay tribute to good taste and excellence in service.   And if you want to […]

Address: Calle 10B 28 - 90 Phone: 354-0118 Price: $$$$
Orzo Italian El Poblado Mall Piazza Bella Yes

At Orzo the cuisine is inspired by the fresh flavors of the Mediterranean and is heavily influenced by the so called Italian American restaurants.   Orzo wants to be known as the best Italian restaurant in Medellin, hence our slogan “nobody gives you this flavor”.   We have the experience and track record of Juan […]

Address: Carrera 40 10A- 54 Phone: 352-5714 Price: $$$$
La Provincia Fine Dining El Poblado

After fourteen years, La Provincia today is an icon of the city. Elegance and minimalism, offering a gastronomical experience of high quality and impeccable service.   La Provincia is a pleasant place, which invites you to spend time and stay there to enjoy. It has a quiet and tranquil atmosphere, full of light and naturalness. […]

Address: Calle 4 sur 43A - 179 Phone: 311-9630 Price: $$$$
La Industria Casual El Poblado

La Industria is an eclectic restaurant with an industrial theme in the upscale El Poblado barrio of Medellin.   The huge menu encompasses a range from bacon burgers to Venezuelan fare, which is apparently the undercurrent of many of the flavors.   Service is good but can be a bit slow at times. And the […]

Address: Carrera 38 - 10 Phone: 310-6060 Price: $$$
El Cielo Fine Dining El Poblado

In Medellin’s El Cielo restaurant there are three menu options offered to the public: 6 courses for lunch, and two long menus of 10 or 20 courses for dinner.   Menu of 6 courses: $ 38,000, 10 courses: $ 65,000 and 20 courses: $ 95,000.   Open your mind, make it clear, leave your expectations […]

Address: Carrera 40 10A - 22 Phone: 268-3002 Price: $$$$
Carmen Fine Dining El Poblado Yes

Carmen was an idea conceived by a family with knowledge and sensitivity of gastronomy.   They combined different skills, experiences, passions and inspirations to create and make a reality of what today is the Carmen Restaurant.   Within the walls of this unique space is a warm, quiet, calm, and friendly atmosphere.   The menu […]

Address: Carrera 36 10A - 27 Phone: 311-9625 Price: $$$$
Montmar Seafood El Poblado

The best and freshest seafood that Medellin has to offer. Our meals start on the shores of the pacific coast, and we bring you the freshest of fish always by 24 hours of when they are caught, always working with the vagaries of nature.   Montmar is a restaurant that offers a menu based on […]

Address: Carrera 37 10A - 64 Phone: 311-4050 Price: $$$
La Fragata Seafood El Poblado Hotel Park 10 Yes Yes

On September 1, 1988 La Fragata was born, a seafood restaurant, where personalized attention and extraordinary care for details and good taste, resulted a seafood restaurant unique in Medellin.   Its decoration brings to view elements of the sea. But its main attraction is the setting of a ship in its lounges, exposing a series […]

Address: Carrera 36B 11 - 12 Phone: 268-5475 Price: $$$$
Basilica Peruvian El Poblado Parque Lleras

Basilica, located in the heart of the Parque LLeras, is a restaurant that specializes in grilled food, Peruvian food, and sushi. It combines the concepts of both restaurant and bar perfectly making it a must visit place.   It has a modern atmosphere, combining the subliminal and religious, as it is located in the same […]

Address: Carrera 38A 8A - 42 Phone: 311-7366 Price: $$$
Artisano Italian El Poblado

At Artisano, in addition to good food, you can now enjoy a friendly, relaxed and comfortable environment where you can share the company of friends and family. A place that is ideal for any time or occasion.   The source of inspiration for this restaurant is Italian food with a creative flair, offering dishes with […]

Address: Calle 11 43B - 50 Phone: 266-9476 Price: $$$
1910 Revolucion Mexicana Mexican El Poblado

1910 Revolucion Mexicana, restaurant and tequilera is a novel concept of Mexican cuisine in the city of Medellin.   True to its name, it revolutionizes the traditional concept of Mexico and its gastronomy.   Inspired by the revolution, this restaurant promises to rescue part of the rich gastronomic history of the real Mexico with dishes […]

Address: Calle 11 43B - 50 Phone: 444-1910 Price: $$$
Verdeo Casual El Poblado

Healthy dishes prepared with organic products. Natural food lovers have a gastronomic space in Verdeo. All the dishes are prepared with organic products, but above all with love and quality.   You’ll enjoy burgers, soups, vegetables, portobelo and pineapple juice with ginger, among other dishes. There is a daily special as well as a menu […]

Address: Calle 9 43B - 173 Phone: 444-0934 Price: $$$
Turban Kebab House Middle Eastern El Poblado Calle 10 Yes Yes

In December 2009 Turban Kebab opened its first restaurant in Medellin. Turban Kebab is the only restaurant in Colombia to produce and sell the Kebab using the 100% original recipe from Germany.   Given the rapid development of the Kebab in other countries, our aspiration is to establish Turban Kebab in a short time as […]

Address: Calle 10 37 - 42 Phone: 448-1148 Price: $$
Triada Casual El Poblado Parque Lleras

Triada is one of the most renowned restaurants in the zona rosa of Parque Lleras in El El Poblado.   It is a restaurant which enjoys special recognition in the city of Medellin because of its relaxed atmosphere and above all its exquisite gastronomy that encompasses the different flavors of the world, especially Peruvian food. […]

Address: Carrera 38 8 - 8 Phone: 311-5781 Price: $$$
Pizza 1969 Italian El Poblado Parque Lleras Yes Yes

Pizza 1969 Gourmet was born with the idea of being something different from the norm. we have 10 years making Gourmet Pizza and we’re still the number one. Our pizza is cooked in our trademark stone ovens. Our specialty is in the way of preparation, either thin or thick crust.   Pizzas are baked in […]

Address: Calle 9A 37 - 56 Phone: 444-1969 Price: $$$
Mango Maduro Colombian El Centro El Centro

Mango Maduro is an oasis of calm in an otherwise hectic area of downtown Medellin. Taking the wooden stairs which wind their way up to Mango Maduro, the hysteria of El Centro melts away and is superseded by high ceilings, big airy windows and colorful tiles.   Mango Maduro is immaculately clean and the food […]

Address: Calle 54 47 - 5 Phone: 512-3671 Price: $$
Le Bon Cafe Casual El Poblado Parque Lleras

Based in Parque Lleras, Cafe Le Bon is a great coffee shop offering fresh options for breakfast and lunch. There’s a strong focus on getting good coffee from sustainable sources.   They have more than 10 different sort of coffees, the food is great and you can even go there for a quiet beer in […]

Address: Calle 9 39 - 09 Phone: 266-8872 Price: $$$
Hooters Bar/Grill El Poblado Parque Lleras Yes Yes

In 1983, after being kicked out of a bar, 6 friends made a decision that would change their life. So that this would never happen to them again, they decided to build their own bar-restaurant. Since they lived in Clearwater, Florida the natural choice was to make it close to the beach.   The rustic […]

Address: Carrera 37A 8 - 44 Phone: 448-8440 Price: $$$
Bonuar Seafood Ciudad del Rio Museum of Modern Art Yes

Bonuar is devoted to the black culture, its music and cuisine. It is an open space within the museum of modern art of Medellin and the kitchen was developed by Chef Rodrigo Isaza of Herbarium.   It is influenced by the flavors of the Pacific and the Colombian Caribbean, antilles and cajun. In the music […]

Address: Carrera 44 19A - 100 Phone: 235-3577 Price: $$$
Al Patio Casual El Poblado

If you want to be around nature, Al Patio is the perfect place to sit under a laurel tree and spend an afternoon or sit on the terrace overlooking the city while eating delicious snacks with mild salsa and guacamole or the fire grilled portobello mushroom.   Enjoy the soft lighting while you listent to […]

Address: Carrera 38 19 - 265 Phone: 266-1032 Price: $$$
Aguacate Colombian El Poblado

The highest expression of our mixed identity can be seen in Colombian food. Delight yourself with a mixture of spanish tastes and african colors, a true cultural testimony narrated in flavors. It invites you to sample the culinary variety with extensive and colorful dishes.   Located next to Parque Lineal La Presidenta, on Avenida Poblado, […]

Address: Calle 7D 39 - 262 Phone: 352-0571 Price: $$$
Royal Thai Asian El Poblado Parque Lleras Yes

Royal Thai was born from the union of two partners, one Colombian and the other Thai. After traveling around the world, getting to know the flavors of different cultures, and exploring the impact of the traditional food of one country in another, they realized that in Colombia there was not a restaurant where you could […]

Address: Calle 8A 37A - 05 Phone: 354-2843 Price: $$$
Franchyes Casual El Poblado Yes

Franchyes is a restaurant for German style fast food and fun in the city of Medellin. It features light snacks and a version of the classic German curry wurst adapted for the Colombian taste and palate.   German food fans will be happy to find breakfast, a variety of beers and the most delicious light […]

Address: Carrera 37 10 - 42 Phone: 266-6237 Price: $$
Tapas 10 Casual El Poblado Calle 10 Yes Yes

Tapas 10 doesn’t look like much from the outside, and it is easy to miss unless you are looking for it.   There are only 4-5 tables in this tiny Spanish restaurant. A few inside and a few outside on the sidewalk in front.   If you’re not familiar with the concept and ritual of […]

Address: Calle 10 36 - 22 Phone: 352-0622 Price: $
Medellin Beer Factory Casual El Poblado Calle 10

A new restaurant concept, the Medellin Beer Factory offers a wide range of Colombian and international beers in a pub like setting complete with pool table, rock and pop classics from the last 3 decades and the constant smell of irresistibly salty pub food.   Enjoy a draft beer and open air seating without freezing […]

Address: Calle 10 #35-16 Phone: 311-2806 Price: $$$
Blue Marlin Seafood El Poblado Yes

In the spirit of providing to Antioquia a restaurant where you can enjoy the freshest seafood of Medellin, the restaurant chain Blue Marlin was born 11 years ago. We strive to provide our customers the best attention and service possible.   True to our slogan, The Freshest Seafood in Medellin, our food travels by air […]

Address: Carrera 43B 14 - 98 Phone: 311-4945 Price: $$$$
El Rancherito Colombian El Poblado

El Rancherito features roasts and the typical food of Medellin with all the paisa flavor.   In addition the restaurant is available to rent for events, conventions, and business talks. There is a space equipped for audio visual and sound presentations.   We have the experience and ability to accommodate groups of 40 persons or […]

Address: Calle 18 35 - 50 Phone: 352-1166 Price: $$
Tony Romas Fine Dining El Poblado Hotel Dann Carlton

Tony Romas has positioned itself in the market as the best American food in Medellin, offering a selection of delicious international dishes that together with our specialty BBQ and tex mex stand out as the best alternative you can choose for classic American cuisine.   Located on the top floor of the Dann Carlton hotel […]

Address: Carrera 43A 7 - 50 Phone: 444-5151 Price: $$$$
Spezia Fine Dining El Poblado San Fernando Plaza

Specialized in fusion food, Spezia restaurant offers a delicious mix of eclectic international foods. Spezia restaurant offers food that stimulates the senses, an exquisite variety of wines, and an attentive staff of waitresses and waiters who are always on hand.   This fabulous restaurant offers an exquisite mixture of eclectic flavors that stimulate the senses […]

Address: Carrera 42A 1 - 15 Phone: 444-5353 Price: $$$$
Senor Itto Sushi El Poblado Yes Yes

One of the premier sushi restaurants in Medellin.   Featuring an informal fusion of asian food, especially sushi and food prepared in the wok. Everything is prepared fresh daily.   One of its specialties is a Dynamite Maki, a crispy prawn with crab meat, caviar, avocado, mayonnaise sauce, lemon, and soybean.   The restaurant has […]

Address: Calle 9 43B - 115 Phone: 314-0415 Price: $$$
Podesta Italian El Poblado

Podesta home made, is what the name of this restaurant translates to. It is an example of the Italian family tradition.   Adolfo Podesta, who was born in Italy and raised his family here, has lived in Medellin for 40 years. Italian tradition in a Colombian destination.   The pleasure of dining here starts with […]

Address: Calle 1 sur 36 - 71 Phone: 312-8580 Price: $$$$
Orvietto Fine Dining El Poblado Hotel Belfort Dann Carlton Yes

The restaurant Orvietto, at the Belfort Hotel Dann Carlton, offers a varied menu with an italian specialty and a wide range of liquors and cocktails in a warm and intimate atmosphere.   Inspired by our chefs creativity and our traditional cooks taste, we offer the flavor, aroma and presentation found only in the best cuisines […]

Address: calle 17 40B - 300 Phone: 311-0066 Price: $$$$
Nuqui Seafood El Poblado Yes Yes

The restaurant and bar Nuqui was born on 10 September 1999, thanks to the idea of Gustavo Posada Arango, who lived 5 years in the beautiful coastal region of Colombia. He decided to relocate and took with him the gastronomy and taste of the pacific Chocoano region of Colombia to Medellin.   The restaurant started […]

Address: carrera 42 10 - 49 Phone: 312-3749 Price: $$
Che Steak El Poblado

The restaurant Che retains the same details of 38 years ago, when Enrique Salas from Argentina decided to open it to share part of the culture of his country with the residents of Medellin. It was and is synonymous with innovation, elegance, and prestige.   Che was started in the 70s as the first pizzeria […]

Address: calle 9 42 - 54 Phone: 266-4546 Price: $$$
La Mesa Libanesa Middle Eastern El Poblado Yes

Experience a new concept in Arabic food in a friendly and family atmosphere. The history and experience of this restaurant shows the pride of an Arab family that through their effort and dedication wants to show the world their rich culture via food.   As a tradition of Jubiz Paliz family, La Mesa Libanesa is […]

Address: Calle 8 34 - 33 Phone: 444-9439 Price: $$