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Carmen was an idea conceived by a family with knowledge and sensitivity of gastronomy.


They combined different skills, experiences, passions and inspirations to create and make a reality of what today is the Carmen Restaurant.


Within the walls of this unique space is a warm, quiet, calm, and friendly atmosphere.


The menu of contemporary food is based on cooking and preparation with modern methods, using local ingredients as much as possible. This ensures a gastronomic experience of the highest level.


The value of our far is accentuated by the devotion and extreme attention to the quality of the products and the combination of innovative influences.


You will have a dining experience that is both diverse and focused, modern and classic, complex and simple and most importantly delicious!


The success of a dish has to do with the quality, freshness of ingredients and how they manipulate these processes of preparation and cooking. The high-quality standards in Carmen and the processes are the differentiators in the offerings of the restaurant. Our fish is 100% fresh guaranteed, which is hard to find in Medellin. We pledge to always use the best ingredients available in the market and are proud to deliver on this promise to our customers.



  • Barrio: El Poblado
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