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Cafe Le Gris

Cafe Le Gris in Oviedo Mall is a traditional restaurant despite being located in a mall. It is popular with business people of el Poblado for lunch, or for meetings. The Lobster tails and Polynesian shrimp are very good and recommended.


The terrace of Cafe Le Gris has two different decoration environments. While one is equipped with rattan furniture and ceilings of virtual thatch and steel, the other has a synthetic fabric comfortable chairs and a long bench ideal for large groups.


The ceiling is made of unbleached sheeting that filter the light and makes a translucent roof. The whole atmosphere is surrounded by tropical plants, the salad bar is decorated with a small collection of antiquities.


Cafe Le Gris has been a landmark in Medellin since 1978. When opened in a small shop near avenida La Playa in downtown Medellin. The following year it opened in a large square of the newly opened Mall Oviedo where he began his rapid growth and development.


During these 30 years the Cafe Le Gris has substantially increased its excellent cuisine ranging from small plates and sandwiches, crepes and ice cream to more sophisticated dishes representing the latest international trends.


  • Barrio: El Poblado
  • Zona: Oviedo Mall
  • Address: Carrera 43A 6 sur - 15
  • Phone: 311-7058
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