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Cafe de Otraparte

El Cafe Otraparte is a place for good conversation, good food, good coffee and meeting friends. Located adjacent to the Casa Museo Otraparte, it was formerly the home of the poet, philosopher and Antioquian writer Fernando Gonzalez.


Fernando Gonzalez was a local writer also known as The Philosopher from somewhere else or Otraparte which gives name to the home and the cafe. It is a good opportunity to see an old traditional home with gardens, personal belongings and learn more about his legacy.


It is part of a project that seeks to preserve the historical value and memories of Fernando Gonzalez. The cafe is the perfect place to sit and talk all night. And in fact everyone who visits the Casa Museo Otraparte ends up there.


The cafe serves coffee, sandwiches and some sublime cocktails with an emphasis on taste rather than obscene amounts of alcohol. The architecture still retains part of the infrastructure of the original house and some of the items on the menu are also named after the late philosophers writings.


It is a place to pamper your mind, letting you zoom out and wander through a verse, the lyrics of a song, an eloquent phrase, images of a film or the smell of a coffee.


There is music, which varies between jazz, classic rock and other genres, all at the right volumes so the guests can meet and talk comfortably. The menu is a comprehensive overview of the life and work of the philosopher Fernando Gonzalez.


In the midst of office buildings and houses, El Cafe Otraparte is an oasis. Trees, open spaces, meeting rooms, good service and friends is the secret of this charming little cafe and restaurant.


It is an elegant place, quiet and seductive, with a unique nature, and it has become a unique way to remember this famous poet from Envigado.



  • Barrio: Envigado
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