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Cafe Colombo – Credenza

On the top floor of the building also housing the Centro Colombo Americano, this minimalist spot serves up light meals along with stunning views of the city and mountains.


Eight years ago Cafe Colombo opened its doors to the city of Medellin. Since then, it is one of the favorite spots in the city center for lunch, dinner or to spend a pleasant time with friends.


In an intimate and elegant atmosphere, colored lights cross the bright wood that constitutes the spaces in Cafe Colombo.


Black and white images hang from the walls and reproductions of old photographs are part of the encounter between learning, culture and international gastronomy.


They feature a set meal for COP$15,500 which changes weekly, or try the crepes, pasta, steak or trout. Its 10th floor outdoor terrace is a great spot for cocktails early in the evening.


Dishes such as steak wrapped in smoked bacon or a Russian pirogi, typical of other countries, are part of the large menu.


If you want to expand the possibilities try the grilled salmon in shrimp sauce along with a good wine while you take advantage of the privileged view of downtown Medellin.


Enjoy a good movie in the cinema below then head up to the tenth floor of the Centro Colombo Americano building and feel the calm prevailing in that space away from the noise, where you can order something to delight your palate.


The manager and chef, Jan Goman describes the restaurant, “It is a very serene place. In addition, the music is good and it is very secure also. People can appreciate the view from here, it is precious”.


Cafe Colombo is one of those authentic places that you can’t fail to visit. Its interior, its food and its environment form a perfect triangle that allows you, for a moment, to forget about the concrete jungle that is around you.


The Cafe opened its doors to provide new business in a section of Medellin in which these kind of places have all but disappeared.


Since August 2011, there has been a new administration, called Credenza. They seek to generate an alternative restaurant linked to the academic and cultural programs of the Colombo Americano. Their food is of inspiration of the coast, their motto is creative food to captivate the visitors.



  • Barrio: El Centro
  • Zona: Colombo Americano
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