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A restaurant where one can learn about the Lebanese culture and its extraordinary variety of flavors. Lebanon is a Middle Eastern country, bathed by the Mediterranean and mountain chains. A country that seems suspended between sky and sea.


It has been a privileged for its diverse geography, landscape, culture, history, contrasts, hills, dense forests, lush valleys and memorable landscapes, but the most interesting is that even in its cuisine is a country that lives in various ages at the same time.


Its rich culture comes from the coexistence of 18 communities and there stands the kitchen of Byblos, cradle and capital of the Phoenicians. In Medellin, Byblos is a restaurant that offers in its menu, the set of dishes and its culinary customs, an extraordinarily diverse cuisine that has its own specialities which are adapted from the different countries of their environment.


With fresh and tasty food, together with unique spices, the Lebanese have adapted the best of Turkish cuisine and Arab flavoring with an air of the French.


The restaurant, located in the mall on Avenida Las Palmas, offers a variety of gastronomic products such as sauces, syrups, essences, candy, dried fruits, cheeses, crackers, jams, pickles, drinks and traditional desserts in addition to the main courses.


We recommend the mixed plate, which comes with arabic rice, kibbeh, shish kebab of chicken or beef, salad, malfuf, hummus and the house special garlic sauce. Enjoyo it with the iced tea made the secret Byblos touch.


  • Barrio: El Poblado
  • Zona: Las Palmas
  • Domicilio: Yes
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