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Bonuar is devoted to the black culture, its music and cuisine. It is an open space within the museum of modern art of Medellin and the kitchen was developed by Chef Rodrigo Isaza of Herbarium.


It is influenced by the flavors of the Pacific and the Colombian Caribbean, antilles and cajun. In the music is found the sounds of Brazil and Africa, some blues, cuban and jazz.


The restaurant has 80 seats and the decor has accents of the architecture of the mid century French bistro but with some of the elements that characterize the creole culture such as mosaics, carvings, textiles and stained glass windows.


The entry is an open space of 5 meters in height with an open side with a deck with teak tables ideal for breakfast or to start off the day with a mojito, a Cosmopolitan or a rose wine.


The restaurant has a menu with flavors influenced by the cuisine of the Colombian coast, the West Indies, New Orleans and the northeast of Brazil. Our dishes feature slow cooking, subtle oils, vinegars, and flavors defined with lots of personality.


In the morning, the music is a selection of jazz and piano sonets. During lunch and in the evenings you will hear something from Brazil, the West Indies and Africa. At nightfall and at the time of dinner, the classic sound of the blues fills the place. And after a meal, enjoy a bit of cuban music and classic salsa.


On Wednesdays, The Big Bones play the classics of the Blues in Bonuar. Eric Clapton, BB King, Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, Tom Waits and Stevey Ray Vaughan among others. This is without a doubt the easiest way to travel to the french quarter of New Orleans.



  • Barrio: Ciudad del Rio
  • Zona: Museum of Modern Art
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