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Ay Caramba

Ay Caramba is a Tex-Mex Restaurant in Medellin. If you’re in Medellin and crazing something spicy “por fin” jump over to Ay Caramba and get some good standard fare that for Americans is pretty much mainstream (at least if you’re from the Southwest).


You can only look at so many Bandeja Paisas before you just crave something that’s just more familiar. It’s interesting because the Bandeja Paisa really isn’t all that different from typical Tex-Mex fare, but it’s just not quite the same. Just be sure to warn your Paisa friends coming with you which dishes have some spice in them.


Tex-Mex cuisine is a fusion of course that arose from the time of the Spanish missions, which combines the kitchens of the native people of Texas and the Spanish, and which was influenced by the neighboring towns on either side of the Rio Grande.


Tex-Mex food is characterized by strong flavors. There are fajitas, nachos (which can be served with guacamole, pico de gallo sauce or cheese), the famous burritos, among many others. Widely used are beef, pork and chicken.


The concept of Ay Caramba is pure Tex-Mex, with emphasis on this American cuisine, light casual meals to share with friends and family. Since April 2004 we pioneered this concept, where the time went innovate in new products and cocktails to delight both young and old.


Entrees range between $7-$12 and appetizers around $6. The cocktails are nice, but can be around $7. There is a daily discount between 12PM and 7PM of 30%.


  • Barrio: El Poblado
  • Zona: Parque Lleras
  • Domicilio: Yes
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