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Archie’s is a chain of casual Italian dining restaurants with an extensive menu, a variety of fresh products, innovative and gourmet.


We were the creators of the Garden Pizza, and brought trademarked ingredients like arugula, artichoke and caesar dressing to Medellin.


We developed a true caesar salad seasoned with our anchovy sauce.


We innovate with our dressings at the table such as Archie’s olive oil with spices, peperoncini and oregano.


Later we introduced our Rustic Pizzas, which are extra-thin crust pizzas, with a high degree of crispness and lightly browned edges, with ingredients such as tomatoes, aged cheeses, cured meats and our Neapolitan sauce.


We launched our Gourmet Delivery, where we differ with added value such as bottles of spicy olive oil, olive oil with herbs and pepperoncini, as a complement to our dishes at your home.


We launched our Archie’s Brunch, characterized by having a wide range of products where we highlight juices, fresh fruit and a selection of breads. In our menu we have over 20 different styles of eggs, as well as breakfast pizzas, and special morning quiches. This range of products created a place for our customers to find the best way to start the day.


It was our recipes that created our story, a story told from ingredients. Today, Archie’s is renewed and returns to what it originally was, a trattoria. A place of crafted recipes, using fresh and natural ingredients, with history and tradition.


A place that tells the story of all the flavors we carry to your table.


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