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360 Bistro

Bistros were born in France but are not necessarily “French”, it is a style of thinking and serving the food, it is the result of countless culinary trends.


This explanation is written on the entrance to 360 Bistro, a restaurant that offers Medellin a lot, but also listens.


The concept that frames this place meant to those who visit to take ownership of their space. It is the city views, the lounge next to the cellar, the formal space, all designed for the enjoyment of a site as versatile as the food.


When it comes to fast food in the world, featured in this bistro, the emphasis is on agility and simplicity of each of the dishes, blending trends and sharing the most.


Your meal has inputs as unique as crispy Brie Cheese with cape gooseberries and tamarind chutney. Fusion of flavors and stories from everywhere.


360 is linked to the modern world, bosano and electronic music, care and customer contact, corporate events, special brunches or evening cocktails with friends, certainly apply to the world.


We serve delicious food at the table and have gone through a rigorous process to achieve the ideal flavor, always making your dining experience a pleasant one. Taking the best classic and signature recipes and bringing them to Medellin.


The name “bistro” corresponds to a style of thinking and serving food, a way of serving a clientele you see frequently, if not daily. The menu is not of any particular country but is the result of countless trends and gastronomical influences.



  • Barrio: El Poblado
  • Zona: San Fernando Plaza
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